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Dec 17

Why tiles?

Enduring Beauty and Endurance

For quality and durability, durable tile is the best choice. The natural beauty of tile has been highly prized for thousands of years. Today, there are countless shapes, profiles, and colors available to make it even more decorative. Tile, unlike asphalt shingles or wood shakes, retains its color and beauty for a very long time.


There is more to tile than its beautiful looks. Tile roofs can withstand water, frost, and fire for many years, rather than just a few decades. A properly installed tile roof is the last roof a building owner will ever need, which is a big plus in terms of resale.


Tile is the most versatile roofing material. Concrete and clay can be made to look like wood shakes, chipped stones, and shingle-style slate. There is a match for every architectural style.

Energy Efficient

Tile roofs are excellent thermal properties and can reduce heat loss or gain in almost any climate. Natural air ventilation beneath the tiles provides heat transfer barriers that can cool or warm a house in summer, and lower energy costs by up to 20% in winter.


Tile roofing is made from natural materials and doesn't use up limited natural resources like asphalt shingles or petroleum-based roofing. The tile roofing does not contain any preservatives and can be recycled immediately back into its manufacturing process.

Solid Investment

When you consider the annual cost of tile roofs, they offer exceptional value. Although upfront costs may be higher, customers who choose to have a Roof Tiles Mesa AZ made of clay or concrete will enjoy their aesthetics, quality, and energy efficiency for the rest of their lives.


Advantages and Features of Tile Roofing


Color Variety: Concrete and clay tiles are available in many colors.
Profiles and styles:
 Roof tiles can be used to match any architectural style from Colonial to Contemporary. You can choose from flat or round tiles, or simulate wood shakes and centuries-old roofing materials.
Increased value with more appraisal credits, houses sell faster and better.


Tile roofs are the most durable roofing material. Tile roofs that were built over 100 years ago still hold up today.
 Fire Resistance
Both tiles and systems are fire-resistant to Class A.
 High Wind Resistance
Concrete tile roofing and clay roofs have been tested for wind resistance to 150 mph.
 Hail Resistance
Concrete and clay tiles are resistant to hailstones larger than a golf ball. They are tested according to FM4473 for hail resistance.
 Tested for Seismicity
When tile roofs are installed according to current fastening requirements, they exceed seismic load requirements for building material.


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