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How to Fix a Leak in a Flat Roof

Feb 16

How to Fix a Leak in a Flat Roof

By Mesa Roofing Pros



Owners and operators of commercial structures face many challenges when it comes to maintaining them. Maintaining a commercial structure is not easy. You need to shovel snow, cut grass, and do other chores. This can make it difficult to repair a flat roof.

Apart from the fact that your problems are reducing the building's worth, finding roofing contractors near me will solve the problem. Arizona-based roofing companies will provide services. Do your research to ensure you find the best one.

How to locate a leak under a flat roof

Before you begin to assess a flat roof's potential leaks, here are some details. To allow the roof to dry, you should wait three days. The heat stored under a flat roof's surface will escape during the evening hours. This will reveal the "hot-spot". As you work through your problem-solving process, be sure to note any leaks.

Measure the distance from the wall to the area of concern - the damp ceiling or drippy ceiling. If the roof slopes, you can determine if there is no ponding damage in the area.

After you have found the problem area, it is time to inspect what was installed. You may have loose flashing or cracks in other materials, such as tar. The sun's heat causes roofing surfaces to expand or contract. Over time, this will cause roof flexibility to deteriorate and create openings for water to enter your building. You should remove any debris from your roof in order to identify potential water entry points. Additionally, you need to inspect seams on the roof membrane as these are also a source of water entry.

How to Fix Flat Roof Leaks

Before you begin to repair a roof leak, you need to clear it of all debris. This will help to identify the source of the problem and allow for direction on how to repair it. Let's now talk about safety. Keep all exits open and ensure they are not slippery. Wear high-visibility clothing when working on roofs.


A thorough inspection is required to determine the cause of any roofing problem. To achieve the best results, start at the edges of the roof and work towards the center. You should pay particular attention to the roof drains. If they get clogged up with debris, it will cause water ponding on the roof. Water will then find a way in. You should then look for signs that the roof is in need of repair like patches. They can fail and provide temporary relief. They are essential and should be checked regularly. Last but not less, make sure to inspect the flashings and collars that are attached to the roof.


The Repair Cycle

Asphalt Flat Roof Repair

Cracks and blisters in asphalt roofing are the most common problem. This is due to moisture that has been embedded in the asphalt. Rustoleum can be applied to the opening to provide a quick fix. A new roof felt patch is required that is heated and bonded to the structure.

Concrete Flat Roof Replacement

Concrete cracks easily and can cause leaks on buildings with concrete roofs. Be sure to remove any surface wear when inspecting your roof to locate cracks that can be repaired. A bitumen primer or bitumen paint can be used to temporarily repair the roof. To make your repair permanent you can torch a piece of roofing felt where the crack appears.



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