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Feb 21

To preserve the safety and health of your property's roof, the majority of nationally known roofing groups recommend scheduling regular expert roof inspections and maintenance. It is critical to arrange this inspection regardless of whether you own a house or business. Our expert roofers at Portland Commercial Roofing have been offering residential and commercial roof inspection services to Portland for over many years, and our skilled professionals are revealing all the ways an inspection may benefit your property.

What Observations Do Roof Inspectors Make?

Our skilled roofers understand precisely what to look for to ensure the structural integrity of your roof. Some of the important things we look for and things we aim to assure include:


Detect leaks more quickly: Leaks do more than leaving an unsightly water stain. This water damage can facilitate the growth of mold and mildew and potentially result in significant structural damage. Roof inspections might uncover minor flaws in your roof that you may be unaware of.

Ascertain appropriate drainage: Our professional roofers will evaluate not just your roof but also your gutters, ensuring that you avoid the detrimental consequences of stagnant water.

Provide a damaging roof test: Small damage can spell massive devastation if left unchecked. We offer destructive testing to isolate and diagnose the source of issues. This involves testing for water quality, termite infestation, and strength, among other things!

Expose possible hazards: While homeowners may be unaware that debris on their roof might constitute a risk of fire, professional roofers will clear this material and keep you informed of any potential dangers.

Provide you with peace of mind: A roof over your head is the ultimate security blanket, and knowing that it is structurally solid allows you to focus on other — and more essential — matters.

Boost your roof’s longevity: Keeping the health of your roof a priority will lengthen its useable lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Reduce repair costs: Preventive maintenance can identify potential problem areas before they become costly repairs. Avoiding emergency repairs will help you avoid water damage and improve your roof's general health.

When Should a Roof Inspection Be Scheduled?

While there is no poor time to conduct a roof inspection, the National Roofing Contractors Association suggests scheduling one in the autumn, spring, or immediately following any severe storm or natural catastrophe.


If any of the following apply, it's time to schedule a roof inspection:


You see yellowing or worn shingles

Your last inspection was almost a year ago.

Your roof is leaking

You're wanting to increase the insulation in your home.

Recently, a storm went across your neighborhood.

At Portland Commercial Roofing, we recognize the critical nature of your roof to your safety and comfort, which is why we prioritize its health. Along with our skilled roof inspection services, we also provide roof repair, replacement, maintenance, and insulation to guarantee that we remain Portland's #1 option for all things roofing.


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