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My Roof Leaks - What Should I Do and The Dangers of Waiting

Mar 3

My Roof Leaks - What Should I Do and The Dangers of Waiting


Nobody wants to discover water seeping from their ceiling. It doesn't really matter if it happens at home, or if it occurs when you get home.


Keep the Leak at bay


If water drips from a bulge on your ceiling, or if it appears discolored or bulging in the ceiling, it's most likely that water is accumulating elsewhere. Placing a bucket, garbage container, or any other container under the source of the leak or drip is advisable. To ensure the water doesn't accumulate, you might prop up a piece of board in the container. This will decrease the sound of drips.


  • Next, you will need to identify the area where water is gathering and then puncture it with an old screwdriver. While it may seem odd that you would need to make a hole in the ceiling to stop a leak, the new hole will allow the water to flow freely and reduce pressure on your ceiling. If water collects and pools, it could cause the ceiling to collapse.


  • If you are certain that the leak is from the outside, cover it with a wide tarp. If you have difficulty reaching the leak or feel unsafe doing so, it's best to immediately contact a roofing expert. Many reputable roofing businesses do emergency tarping. Unfortunately, if your roof has begun to leak due to weather, the roofing contractor will not have the ability to fix it. The temporary solution of tarping is used to stop the water from getting inside your home.


  • An expert roofing professional will examine your roof from both the exterior and interior of your home. Usually, this will be through the attic. It is possible to spot signs of water damage from the undersides of roof sheets, but it is not a reliable method.


The Dangers of Waiting


It is vital to quickly act when you notice a leak in your roof. Roof leaks do not disappear or get better on their own. Even if the roof leak isn’t as bad as it could be, Now is the right time for it to be fixed. We are often contacted by homeowners who have noticed a stain, bubbling, or other issues on their ceiling but thought it was not important.


Avoiding it or ignoring a roof leak will not fix it. Many times it is too late to repair a leaky roof before you notice the damage. According to National Roofing Contractors Association guidelines, your roof should get inspected twice a year, in the fall or spring.


Here's how to stop a fixable problem from becoming a costly and time-consuming issue.


Surround yourself with the following:


  • Spots that are dark

  • The light shines through in areas of sagging where it is not possible to see outside.


Keep an eye out on the exterior for these:


  • Shingles missing, twisted and peeling, broken, blistering, or buckling

  • Slowly draining downspouts/downspouts if they are blocked

  • Remove any loose material from around chimneys or vents.

  • A roofless than 15 years old can most likely be fixed rather than completely replaced. It is important to remember that minor leaks won't disappear. Instead, they can get worse.


Roof leaks often indicate a much bigger problem. If left untreated the possibility of structural damage increases and both the dangers increase. Regular inspections from Mesa AZ roofing professionals Mesa AZ can be your best defense against a leaking roofing system. Regular inspections by Mesa roofing companies Mesa AZ are advisable to check for leaks.

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