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Leakage in Commercial Roofs Can Cause Problems

Mar 9

Leakage in Commercial Roofs Can Cause Problems

If you need to repair a roof leak, a commercial roofing contractor is the best option. Your roof is critical to your business as well as the tenants. Georgia commercial roofing can solve any roof problem. Small leaks can lead to water intrusion into your commercial property. It is possible to incur costly repairs, not only to the roof but also to the structure. It doesn't really matter what kind or type of facility you own - retail space, residential accommodation, office space - the health and safety of your roof is crucial to tenant satisfaction. Let's discuss the problems common to commercial roofing systems.

7 Issues Caused by Commercial Roof Leaks

Mildew and mould growth

Water is the greatest threat to any Roofing System. The threats come from many directions. If water gets into a roofing system and is not dried out, it can cause mould growth and respiratory problems. The roof leak's petri dish will support mold growth. To grow at such an astounding rate requires three things: water and air. The peak gives water, indoor conditions give mould the oxygen it needs, and mould will feed off all substances from carpet to walls.

Wood Rot

Wood rot develops when the wood is put under pressure by mould and water. Wood rot causes wood to deteriorate and compromise the wood's ability to support the roofing system. It can lead to structural collapse. The damage can't be repaired if it has reached a point where it is too severe. A complete roof rip-off may be required to remove the rafters and trusses to preserve structural integrity.

Infected insulation

When your roofing leak occurs, your insulation is at high risk. It works in this manner: Waterfalls on the insulation and collapses any air pockets. This slows down heat loss. When the air pockets become flattened, it is obvious that your insulation is not performing as it should. You will need to replace all of the insulation in order to prevent heat loss, high utility bills, and other problems.

Fire Hazards

Water and oil are not compatible. Water can seep into your roofing system and cause electrical damage. The exposed wiring will then be used to light the fire.

Slip Hazards

Water that leaks through the roof must be able to reach your floors. When water leaks into your facility, it creates puddles that can be seen on the floor. A tenant's safety and well-being are at stake if they slip and fall on a floor that has not been inspected for water.

Roof integrity is not compromised

Water is a problem even for commercial roofs. Water seeps down from your building to your foundation where it can cause structural damage. Foundation repairs can cost thousands of dollars for commercial buildings if they are not taken care of.

Energy inefficiency

This article is about your insulation and the possible loss of key air bubbles that decrease heat transfer. As you can see, your utility costs will go up if you use more electricity. Also, over time, you might feel like you are heating everything outside. Another thing to look at when you evaluate your energy efficiency. You are using more electricity than you need. This leads to climate change as a result of the increase in fossil fuel gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Top Roofers Lawrenceville Can Help Mitigate Problems

Top Roofers Lawrenceville is available to conduct a complete roofing inspection. We will find out where water is entering your commercial property and recommend solutions quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your tenants and business. Every roof leak has its solution. We are known throughout the Greater Georgia Area to be your best source for roofing leaks. Top Roofers Lawrenceville only employs industry-standard professionals who are highly trained. Fill out the estimate to receive a comprehensive estimate. Top Roofers Lawrenceville will assist you with immediate emergencies.


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