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8 Reasons to Choose Commercial Roofing Experts Over Contractors

Mar 13

8 Reasons to Choose Commercial Roofing Experts Over Contractors

While it's unpleasant to think about it, commercial property owners and managers will be faced with a roof problem sooner or later. If you don’t already have a relationship you value and can trust with a roofing company, it might be tempting just to call the first contractor who pops up in your Google Search.

It is much better to use a commercial roofer with a dedicated team than a repair specialist when it comes right down to the actual value. Here's why:

1. A commercial roofing expert can help you understand all aspects of commercial roofing.

Grand Buffet Restaurant, Repairing a Leak

There's a method that will solve any roofing problem. Installers and repair teams of roofing contractors are well-trained to use the most efficient methods for solving roofing problems. These departments work together to share information so that there is more knowledge than the repair-only roofers. They have systems that allow them to track, monitor, repair, report, and keep accurate records. Additionally, they meet regularly to discuss the results of their projects. What failed? What could we have done better? People who employ full-service commercial roofers expect to receive a high level of service, quality workmanship, and accountability.

It's important to remember that there are two types of commercial roofing experts. An expert manages all aspects of commercial roofs from repairs to maintenance to new construction. Installers, however, are responsible for installing roofs. In order to complete the job, they may send in installers to perform roof repairs, even though these installers aren’t trained to fix them.

2. A commercial roofing expert can tell you which long-term repairs work best.

Customers who are looking to repair leaks will be able to benefit from having both the installation and repair crews attend the same company meeting. In order to have new roofing systems work at their best, installation crews must follow strict procedures. It is unlikely that there will be inspections unless the repair project is covered by a warranty.

Repair-only contractors do not have the experience to work with third parties and to think at such a high level of detail. It is important to remember that tried-and-true best practices and processes work. Buildings stay dry inside.

3. No matter what type of roof you have, commercial roofing specialists know all about it

Experienced roofing contractors can deal with any type and size of roofing problem. The crews are proficient with low-slope, steep slope single-ply, and metal roofing. Sometimes, they can also handle slate, tile, and vegetative roofs. They have worked with every type of roofing material, from EPDM to asphalt. They won't be baffled by your roof.

4. Commercial roofing contractors can call upon the experts to resolve any roofing issue.

A full-service provider can handle your roof leak. Commercial roofing experts send qualified technicians. They can escalate more difficult issues to other staff members who are equally capable and love a challenge. A superintendent has the experience of diagnosing roof leaks from hundreds of homes and can identify any unusual or complex problems. These experts have more training and certifications. This makes it easier to find the right solution and is more reliable.

5. Experts in roofing are familiar with the interplay of different roofing systems

Loftman Lofts: Leak repair

Many commercial roofing systems consist of several types of roofs. One of these may be present on your roof, and you may not even realize it. You may see two or more roof types on older properties or properties that have had their roofs extended. It can be very difficult to pinpoint the source of leakage or which type of repair would work best in these situations.

A roofing contractor who provides full-service repair will inspect your entire roof. They'll consider every detail of each roofing system as well as how they work together. They will also be aware of the following details: Unintended consequences of a leaky repair to one system can have an unintended impact on the performance of another. It is always best to understand what to expect from a repair before taking any action.

6. A commercial roofing provider that offers full-service can offer valuable suggestions

If you continue using the same roofing specialist, that expert will get a better understanding of your roof and what it does to protect your property. The result is that their advice becomes more valuable with time.

Some providers offer added value written documentation, which can be useful for planning long-term roofing management.

7. Commercial roofing repair experts are faster

After you establish a rapport with a full-service provider, the provider will have the experience to identify and fix the next problem faster. It is likely that there won't be another leak. However, providers will refer to the reports and photos from previous repairs. Providers that follow best practices keep meticulous records, including photos, to help manage future repairs. Also, to recommend and perform pre-emptive maintenance.

8. Commercial roof experts want your long-term trust

They want to establish a relationship with you and offer re-roofing services as well. They want their customers to be satisfied with the quality of their work and to recommend them to others when they are ready to take on larger projects. Strong relationships and reputations are built through solid advice and doing the job right. Repairs to roofing are often considered one-offs by roofers who send out a different technician for each leak.

Your commercial roofing system is an investment. You've found a reliable commercial roofing expert when you hire someone with years of experience, many technicians on staff, and who is completely accountable.



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